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Beautiful garden pool

All of us are unique in many ways and the design of the swimming pool is one of the areas that depict this uniqueness perfectly. In general terms, a pool is meant to serve its purpose well, have great aesthetics and must be safe. Your pool design reflects your tastes and preferences. To achieve the goal of coming up with your dream pool, there are certain tips that you ought to have at your disposal. Here, we give you the top tips to help you in this process. Continue reading →

outdoor swimming pool

Your swimming pool is a great place for relaxation. It is one of the most used places in the garden by most family members. It should, therefore, be made perfect for you and your family’s usage. Swimming pool design is a very important aspect of the process of building it. However, most people find it difficult to decide on the specific ideas that will be beneficial when the pool has to be built. The decision has to be largely dependent on personal factors, environmental factors and more. The following discussion highlights the 10 top tips to help you design your dream swimming pool:  Continue reading →

As we are swimming pool builders that also take care of the entire design process here at Edge Leisure, we obviously love swimming pools of all shapes and sizes – so when something really catches our eyes, we feel the need to share it with you to both provide you with some inspiration when planning your own pool… but mainly to give you something to look at on your lunch break – just try your best to keep your jaw from hitting the floor as we run through some of the most amazing pools from around the world!

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When you are having your swimming pool built from the ground up, installation of the walls is the second step in the process of constructing vinyl liner pools. This tells you that unless you have done the walls, you can’t move any further with the process.

Here at Edge Leisure, we provide Pool liners to line your pools if you already have a pool built but if you are starting from scratch then you will need to think about what type of pool you would prefer. Continue reading →

The harsh elements of autumn can really take a toll on different parts of your home and your pool is not an exception. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, then you need to know how to take care of it during autumn. While some people may miss their dips, winter and autumn are perhaps the time of the year that your pool needs less maintenance. However, the key to maintaining your pool in autumn is to ensure that you schedule your maintenance routine. Here is how to take care of your pool during autumn.
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Spring is on its way out now and we are finally getting ready for summer! There’s simply no denying it any longer, and we shan’t hear another word on the subject. We may not of had weeks of glorious sunshine just yet but it is coming and that means only one thing….. lets get outside and enjoy our pools! Hoorah! Now if only it lasted as long as winter.

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There are magnificent hotel pools left right and centre, as you’ll know only too well if you’ve been keeping up with our most recent posts, and whilst the Infinity pool atop one Singapore hotel might just be the most inviting scene you ever did bear witness to, here at Edge Leisure, we believe in the luxury of the home pool in equal measures. Sure, we can’t magic up a cityscape backdrop or never-ending landscape of rolling fields to set your pool next to, but we can make them interesting, different and luxurious all their own right! If you’re thinking about getting a pool in this year, why not have a look at what these homeowners have done for ideas and inspiration!

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