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10 top tips to help you design your dream swimming pool - Edge Leisure

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Your swimming pool is a great place for relaxation. It is one of the most used places in the garden by most family members. It should, therefore, be made perfect for you and your family’s usage. Swimming pool design is a very important aspect of the process of building it. However, most people find it difficult to decide on the specific ideas that will be beneficial when the pool has to be built. The decision has to be largely dependent on personal factors, environmental factors and more. The following discussion highlights the 10 top tips to help you design your dream swimming pool: 

1. Make a decision on the shape
The shape of your swimming pool bares a lot to your taste. It is critical that you make the decision at the design phase of your pool. The pool can either be rectangular, kidney-shaped or free-form. Each shape is more suited for different purposes.
Beautiful outdoor swimming pool
2. Take care of the family’s safety
The safety of your family is an important factor to consider for your pool. Safety covers are a important consideration if you have children. You can also install alarms for additional safety.

3. How energy-efficient the pool will be
There are a range of products available to make your pool more energy efficient and if this is thought about in the designing process can save time and money later on. It is possible to use pumps, timers, covers and enclosures to lower the cost of energy.

4. Ensure you incorporate fun features
Features such as elegant waterfalls, spa, and slide will make the pool look neat and make it function better.
5. Draw a budget and consider costs in the long-term
Though you may already know how much you’ll need to spend when building your pool, you must also have a budget for construction and running it. You’ll definitely need to ensure the running costs of the pool don’t shoot too high right at the design phase.

6. Mind the intended usage of your pool
Swimming pool design must take care of your specific needs. If children will be using the pool, you’ll have to take care of that. If only adults will be using it, you need to have them in mind too when choosing the perfect design.

Designer swimming pool
7. Decide on the material to use
The material used for constructing the pool needs to be cheap but good. You can decide to use the prefabricated fibreglass which is cheap and can be put up quickly. The downside of this material is the fact that customization is impossible. On the other hand, you can use concrete which is highly malleable. You can also customize it to meet your needs. The downside of concrete it’s high costs.

8. Keep the pool relatively simple
There is no point in having a rather complicated pool. All you need is simplicity and still get the reward the pool has to offer.

9. Choose the right location
The location of the pool is very important. To make a decision on the right spot, you’ll need to consult a professional.

10. Ask the professional
As much as it’s your call to make, a swimming pool design must involve a professional. They provide you with valuable insights which are will play a big role in ensuring the safety and usability of the pool. That is where we here at Edge Leisure can help you out, we have designed and installed hundreds of pools. We can help you throughout the process and make sure you get a fantastic looking pool.