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A Capacity Crowd: Spectator Specifications for Your Pool - Edge Leisure

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*** Last Updated – 29/09/2016 ***

If you’ve already jumped the gun and have eagerly got the ball rolling on creating a fully formed and functional, lavish and luxurious swimming pool facility, be that for recreation, for Olympic standard sport, or a combination of the two; it’s always important to remember you check off all the boxes. The more complete and comprehensive you can design your building to be, the more unswaying patrons you’ll attract, some of whom may never want to leave, despite health and safety regulations suggesting they absolutely should. But how do you ensure you’ve made all the right alterations, added in all the right bits? Edge Leisure can give you a hand there.

And a hand we shall give, as here is the comprehensive list of minimum recommended spectator seating capacities as highlighted by those excellent folk at the ASA, the Amateur Swimming Association who you’ll remember from our previous post regarding standards! These cover both sizes of competitive pool, and a range of events, so knowing exactly what your facility is going to be used for will be helpfuly here. Remember, you can always refer back to this page, or if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, print it out!


25m by 6 Lane
Min seating: 150, 6 Disabled
Competitors/Coaches/Officials : 180
Suitable for: School/Club/League/County

25m by 8 Lane
Min seating: 250, 6 Disabled
Competitors/Coaches/Officials: 250
Suitable for: School/Club/League/County/Region/National

50m by 8 Lane
Min seating: 350, 6 Disabled
Competitors/Coaches/Officials: 250
Suitable for: School/Club/League/County/Region

50m by 10 Lane
Min seating: 500, 6 Disabled
Competitors/Coaches/Officials: 500
Suitable for: School/Club/League/County/Region

50m by 10 Lane (National)
Min seating: 1000, 10 Disabled
Competitors/Coaches/Officials: 500

Standard Equipment: Platforms, False start mechanism, Anti wave lanes, Backstroke warning flags, Timing Equipment, 6, 8, 10 or 12 line alpha numeric/video scoreboard

Whilst these standards and guidelines tend to be pretty inclusive, our team are comprised of self-confessed swimming pool Know-it-Alls and are more than happy to share their expertise and advice with you in regards to exactly what you need to get fully kitted out and ready to go. Indeed, the swimming pool builders at Edge Leisure are craftsmen, artists, the Leonardo DaVinci’s of the aquatic world, and whether it’s spas, or vast facilities you’ve got in mind, give us a call and find out how we can turn the pool of your dreams into reality.