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Astounding: Heated Loungers for Boundless Comfort? - Edge Leisure

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Congratulations! You’ve made it through January already and are now carving an exquisite hole in February, ready to make it 10 to go in 2013! So well done, by all accounts you’re off to a cracking start. Of course, another month off the chart is the perfect reason to celebrate by giving something back to yourself for all that hard work, and whilst they’re not ubiquitously common, here at Edge Leisure, we’d like to thoroughly recommend a heated lounger for your swimming pool! Why? Because they’re incredible is why.

You may remember just a couple of weeks back when we spoke breathlessly about the kind of luxury a spa area can bring to your swimming pool whether you own a sprawling commercial facility or a quaint homely pool. One element that is currently becoming increasingly popular in spas and pools all over the country is the installation of heated loungers.

Invariably, they underline the idea of luxury and indulgence, confluently providing yet another bountifully healthy, rejuvenating, bliss-administering method of relaxation alongside the main attraction of the pool. Whilst they come with a number of inherent features to take advantage of, the predominance lies in the heavenly warmth they disseminate throughout the body as you lie in incomparable, ergonomic comfort.

Crafted to gently cradle every contour they look beautiful, though their visual appeal is second only to the stress eliminating, calming affect they have on the body. Not only are they relaxing and rejuvenating, they’re also enormously good for treating muscle complaints and general well-being. The simple act of relieving your body of the strain it carries every day, and applying a radiant warmth to sooth those muscles back to full, loosened strength makes a truly surprising and significant difference to how you feel in general. They add a whole new element to the spa or pool and, without a doubt, are something visitors will stay for, or that you’ll never be able to willingly leave yourself.

They’re easy to clean and maintain and, like all of our design work, our swimming pool builders make sure they match the aesthetics of your pool and spa area for a seamless overall finish! If you’re still uncertain, we challenge you to go and try one yourself, and not be bowled over by their sensational effects! Consider yourself challenged.