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‘Blood’ Swimming Pool Opening in London for Huge Video Game PR Stunt - Edge Leisure

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It’s pretty safe to say advertising very rarely involves swimming pools. It often involves television commercials, billboards, newspaper segments, digital banners and online promotional material, but very rarely swimming pools. Why? Because swimming pools aren’t historically proven to be the most appropriate way for actively disseminating and promoting a company’s message. That said, when your company message is ‘Blood! Guts! Gore!’ we can’t imagine anyone will be questioning your tactics with too bolder vigour.  Ladies and Gentlemen; the world’s first ever ‘blood’ swimming pool.


In a PR move that might do nothing for video games’ attempt to appeal to a more ‘mature’ market, gaming developer and publisher Capcom (known perhaps most famously for bringing Street Fighter unto the world) have unveiled the ‘first ever blood-filled swimming pool’ in London. Located close to the Olympic Stadium, the 16x32ft pool will be filled with faux blood, a deep red water of disturbing consistency, complete with foam floats in the shape of severed limbs!

Blood Bath

If this sounds utterly unappetising, that’s because it is; but fear not, as it’s all in the name of marketing. Weird, bizarre, unethical marketing. As a celebration of the company’s most recent release, the home console version of zombie survival horror Resident Evil: Revelations, the pool is open to blood-thirsty swimmers from 25th – 26th of May, tickets can be found HERE, and as well as being littered with foam body parts, there’ll also be prizes tucked away in the deepest depths of the nightmarish waters, for the bravest to attempt to procure.


Capcom’s UK PR manager explained the company wanted to do something outlandish and different, and with all those zombie actors worn out from appearing in episodes of The Walking Dead, they thought they might try and one up even their own prior attempts at causing a ruckus.

Here at Edge Leisure, we’ve built swimming pools for all kinds of situations, but admittedly never for use a scene from The Descent.  Still, whether you’re performing an outrageous PR stunt, are after a bit of luxury at home, or need a new pool in your commercial facilities, our swimming pool builders can supply! Give us a call today to find out more.