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Bright Times Ahead for UK Swimming Pools! - Edge Leisure

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Owning any sort of business can be difficult these days, with the economy seemingly slipping and sliding all over the shop and the cut-throat world of commerce becoming increasingly competitive by the day; at times it might seem like no one is on your side, like you’re fighting a losing battle against a truly insurmountable enemy. The truth of the matter is, there are no enemies, only obstacles, and if you’re a swimming pool owner, we have TWO pieces of news that are going to help you overcome these obstacles and charge on wards to success this year and beyond! If we’ve got you teetering on the edge of your seat in breathless anticipation, read on wards, the answers are below!

Freestyle Funding

First then, just days ago on the 16th March, the Prime Minister made a most welcome announcement; something that will indirectly hike up the attention on swimming pools up and down the country! He has committed an extra £150 million funding per year to PE and school sport at primary level, thus invigorating the amount of youngsters that are learning to swim, engaging them and growing their interest in the sport, encouraging them to come to your swimming pool!

“This ring fenced budget will give schools the opportunity to review their current school swimming programme to ensure that every child learns this valuable life skill.” Said David Sparkes, Chief Executive of the ASA.

Kickstarting Careers

And the second piece of news that will have advocates storming to your pool in their hundreds? Sport England have devised a brand new national programme that’s going to help you climb all the way to success. The Club Leaders program aims to make sure your Club is functioning in a sustainable manner, something we all need to ensure the continuity of our water-based second homes! The program itself covers everything from business and financial planning, the management of your facilities, even marketing general governance; there’s someone there to help no matter what issues need addressing.

With all this good news, you might well be thinking that now is the best time to get your swimming pool sorted, and whether that’s general maintenance or an entire new pool, our swimming pool builders are ready and waiting to ensure you can capitalise and keep swimming alive this year! Give us at Edge Leisure a call and find out more about how we can help!