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The Convenience of In-Ground Swimming Pools - Edge Leisure

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*** Last Updated – 30/08/2016 ***

If you find yourself looking around your home or back garden and wondering how you can make it that little bit more special, then the installation of a swimming pool will be top of the list of things that can truly fit the bill. Heightening home value and giving you something completely unique, the choice now is whether to go with an above-ground swimming pool or to really go all out and look towards in-ground swimming pools. Already the latter is sounding more appealing, and here at Edge Leisure we are here to tell you exactly why they are the quintessential choice for any home owner looking to expand and enhance.

The Number 1 Choice

When you think of a swimming pool, whether it is at a leisure centre or the one you are currently picturing in your mind right now, you will be thinking of an in-ground swimming pool because since the beginning of time, this is how swimming pools were meant to be – and here at Edge Leisure we take this timeless and ultimately luxurious feature and make it even better with quality workmanship, creativity in-design and a long lasting result that can be enjoyed day-in, day-out and throughout each season. But what makes them so convenient and beneficial to your home?

-    No Restrictions: With above ground swimming pools, you are in many ways restricted by size and shape, however an in-ground swimming pool and expert design team allows you to be as inventive and ambitious as you wish – creating a pool that is unique to the dimensions of your garden.
-    Little Maintenance: Once your pool is installed and completed, the only real maintenance you will have to do is with the cleansing of the water.
-    Breath-Taking Aesthetics: Above-ground swimming pools can tend to stick out for the wrong reasons, while an in-ground swimming pool looks seamless and will enhance the landscape, adding value and a breath-taking aspect to your garden.
-    So much fun: Just get in and swim – it’s as simple as that with a proper, in-ground swimming pool, and it couldn’t be more fun!

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