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Honey, There’s a Moose in Our Pool - Edge Leisure

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Holidaying is great fun. We here at Edge Leisure love a good holiday almost as much as we love building Infinity Pools or finding out about questionable pool-related PR stunts; both subjects we also happen to blog about in these very pages. Of course, holidaying often means temporarily shuffling into a brand new home exclusively for the purpose of enjoying yourself. A holiday home is one up on the ordinary hotel, it’s built to bring delight to distant travellers from faraway lands, it’s located near to town, it has a working telephone connection, there’s a moose in the pool and the fridge is fully stocked!

Wait a second.

A Moose, Loose, Aboot this Hoose

Relaxing by the pool is in the Foreword of Holiday 101; upon arriving, bags are often thrown with dangerous abandon into the nearest room, the door to the pool is barged open with the patience and tact of a charging rhinoceros and we shed an indecent amount of clothing before finally taking our place triumphantly on a sun lounger, preparing to let those glorious rays seep in. If you don’t want to sit by the pool and be baked alive for six hours a day, you’re an out and out weirdo that nobody wants to spend any time with – remember that. Still, this chapter of Holiday 101 had to be skipped for one family visiting their Washington vacation home, on account of a moose.

By Elk

Yes seemingly, their presumably boisterous attempt to get to the swimming pool as fast as humanly possible was starkly interrupted by the presence of this undeniably incredible creature having a bit of a soak. What would you do in such a situation? It’s highly likely you’d do just what this family did, and pop out the camera phone and hit record.

Deery Me

In the video below we see the moose non-chalantly splashing about, before genially stepping out, drying off and hopping over a nearby fence heading back into the forest beyond. A woman’s voice can be heard enquiring about Moose Insurance, to which comes the clever retort that regular insurance probably covers this eventuality, and it’s unlikely moose-specific insurances are widely available anyway.

Best of all, the video has garnered some significant attention on YouTube, attracting nearly one million views, whilst Yahoo and other news outlets covered it in their blogs. Madness. Fortunately there aren’t many moose here in sunny Britain, and the swimming pool builders here at Edge Leisure can construct your pool in such a manner that ensures it’s as protected from local self-gratifying wildlife as possible!  Which is good news all round, we think!