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How to look after your swimming pool in the autumn - Edge Leisure

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The harsh elements of autumn can really take a toll on different parts of your home and your pool is not an exception. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, then you need to know how to take care of it during autumn. While some people may miss their dips, winter and autumn are perhaps the time of the year that your pool needs less maintenance. However, the key to maintaining your pool in autumn is to ensure that you schedule your maintenance routine. Here is how to take care of your pool during autumn.

· Clean the pool and balance the water

After every couple of weeks, you need to brush the walls and the floor of the pool and then vacuum the whole pool. This process will prevent any algae from forming around these places. You also need to clean the pump lint basket and skimmer baskets to ensure that your pool’s filtration system works well. While doing this, make sure that your pool’s PH is balanced well.

· Reduce the running times

Because of the reduced rate of usage, your pool should not be as continuously circulated and filtered as a much as you do during summer. You only need to drop the pump and filter it for at least 4 hours a day. This is great news for those who have to manually turn on these things. However, if you have an automated system, cleaner or filter, ensure that you regularly change your daily program. This is a small alteration that will not only save energy but your bills as well.

· Check the chlorine levels

To make your pool clear and clean, you need to ensure that the available chlorine levels are constant at 2-3 parts per million throughout the autumn. If you are using a pool blanket and salt chlorinator, reduce their output to 1-2 part per million as the blankets trap chlorine and chemicals.

· Make sure that your pool heater works well

If you are having a heater, contact a professional to ensure that it’s working well. Remember, whether its summer or autumn, calcium can greatly build up and make it less effective. Before settling on the one, check their manual on when to carry out professional service. As the temperatures drop during autumn, do not be left behind. Make sure that your pool heater is working well.

· Inspect your pool cover

Sooner than later, you will require a winter pool cover. It’s, therefore, important to know that yours is ready. By using a pool cover, it means that you will have less cleaning and food for the bugs and algae to feed on. More so, this can help you to minimize the level of chemical evaporation thereby saving you both money and time.

Stick to your regular maintenance

Although you can reduce the time that you spend taking care of your pool during winter it’s very important to regularly check its chemistry so as to know any potential problem before it becomes serious. Now you can look forward to opening your pool in the spring and fingers crossed having lots of glorious sunny days