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Luxury Spa Design to Brighten Winter Blues - Edge Leisure

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Winter is coming…. the rain, the cold weather… maybe even the snow! This fills all of us with the idea of fighting against the cold for the next few months, and that simply won’t do now will it. As such, if you’re looking to start 2018 by building a new swimming pool, or perhaps sprucing up your existing pool; have you considered adding the lavish facilities of a spa? The perfect winter remedy.

Spas, it seems, are an increasingly popular addition to the modern swimming pool. Not only do they give your building another string to its bow, delivering a relaxing and unique place for visitors to unwind, but they also look beautiful. A contemporary spa design, intertwined with a luxury pool side build really delivers that prestigious overtone to any facility. Hotels of a certain standing often come complete with such amenities, and every effort is put into their design to make them fit with the styling of the premises, whilst also increasing the overall quality of experience for the visitor.

Whilst you might know us here at Edge Leisure to be swimming pool building extraordinaires, you may not know that we’re also a dab hand at spa, steam room and lounger areas as well. One perfect example is St. Albans’ Sopwell House; with its mosaic seating, sauna and Jacuzzi, all fitting in perfectly with the pool itself. There’s even a poolside café! All these features give the Georgian hotel a real air of up market quality, weekends, breaks and the use of its facilities!

More and more people are looking for new ways to relax, and there’s no reason why your new swimming pool couldn’t be the perfect place for them to do so! As with all our services, we can take your ideas and turn them into reality, or design everything for you from the ground up! We then build to specifications and can offer maintenance as well. Essentially, no matter what you wish to do with your swimming pool, we can handle it all; and we’re only a phone call away!