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Making a Splash: The World’s Most Amazing Pools - Edge Leisure

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As we are swimming pool builders that also take care of the entire design process here at Edge Leisure, we obviously love swimming pools of all shapes and sizes – so when something really catches our eyes, we feel the need to share it with you to both provide you with some inspiration when planning your own pool… but mainly to give you something to look at on your lunch break – just try your best to keep your jaw from hitting the floor as we run through some of the most amazing pools from around the world!

PAGE UPDATED 29/11/2018

The Cambrian Hotel Pool – Switzerland

The newest addition to our amazing pools is one nestled in the Swiss Alps. With the crystal clear mountain air this pool allows you to feel you are in the snow topped mountains that surround you.

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Gold Energy Pool – The St. Regis Lhasa Resort

We’ve updated our famous list of the worlds most amazing pools with this glorious installation. Set with a temperature of 26-28c, this comfortable pool provides cabana-style seating.


San Alfonso Del Mar Resort – Chile

So we thought we would start big… really big… actually the biggest you could possibly get! When most people talk ‘swimming pools’ they generally think of something big enough to – well, swim inside – but not the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile, as this pool is an ocean in itself, being more than half a mile in length, 115 foot deep and housing 66 million gallons of water – more than big enough to go sailing or to have a little paddle, the choice is yours!

The Joule Hotel – Dallas, Texas

A little bit smaller now but just as breath-taking, The Joule Hotel in Dallas know just how to treat those lucky enough to stay there, with an awe-inspiring penthouse pool that pokes its head 8-feet out from the building and sets you in possibly the best spot in the middle of the city.

Crown Towers Hotel – Taipa Island, Macau

Another pool with a view, but this one can be enjoyed any time of the year. You’re not right inside the city either, but instead able to look over the entire skyline as the sun sets across it. We’ll let the picture do all the talking and start looking for flights there!

The Golden Nugget – Las Vegas

Everything so far has been quite tranquil, so you might be thinking – ‘where are all the slides and the fun stuff?’ Not to worry, as in true Las Vegas fashion, The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino comes up with something that anyone would be blown away by. The centre-piece of this pool is an aquarium complete with sharks and other sea-life… but it doesn’t end there, because do you see the clear tube running through the middle of it? That’s a slide!

So there you have it, 6 of the best pools you’ll be likely to find. We know there’s enough to keep us going on all day but that won’t be good for us or you if you’re looking to have a pool built, so now that you’re inspired, get in touch with us on 01494 484 888.