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Olympic Pool Specifications: Size is Everything - Edge Leisure

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As we touched upon in our last post, when it comes to designing your pool, size is, of course, going to be a prominent factor in the decision making process. It’s likely to be one of the first things you’ll think about, even if you merely conclude ‘big’ or ‘small’, picturing the pool in position will give you a good idea of size and shape, and in many cases it’s possible you already know what you want right from the off. Either way, our swimming pool builders can construct to specification, or to suit your environment, if you’re struggling for ideas and are after something fancy. If you’re looking for a commercial pool, it’s important you get the right measurements, especially when you’re considering a competitive or Olympic sized pool.

But what ARE the measurements for an Olympic sized pool? Well, we’re glad you asked, as here is exactly what you want to plan for when you’re after some serious swimming pool sprinting!

Olympic swimming pools are divided into two categories, long and short course.


Long Course: 50m Length

Short Course: 25m Length


Typically Long course is the standard across most Olympic competitions, however FINA, Federation Internationale De Natation – the governing body of most pool-based sports, do sponsor a short course World Championship alongside this.

Their specifications that define an official, long course Olympic sized pool include the aforementioned 50 metre length, as well as 25m in width, 10 lanes, each 2.5m in width, a minimum depth of 2m and, rather precisely, a temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius.

Gone are the days when Athens Games Olympians took a boat out into the icy Mediterranean Sea, and swam the 1,200 metres back to shore to compete, largely pinning their hopes on just staying alive as opposed to actually winning the gold medal, and now all the facilities of the modern champions are available in our local swimming baths!

No matter what type of swimming pool you’re after, be it strictly Olympic, or flamboyantly ostentatious, our team of builders can help!