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Six Summer Swimming Pool Games to Play! - Edge Leisure

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Spring is on its way out now and we are finally getting ready for summer! There’s simply no denying it any longer, and we shan’t hear another word on the subject. We may not of had weeks of glorious sunshine just yet but it is coming and that means only one thing….. lets get outside and enjoy our pools! Hoorah! Now if only it lasted as long as winter.

And with an abundance of sun comes a significantly increased yearning to be outside enjoying it, a task best achieved of course, by diving emphatically into your nearest swimming pool! Once you’ve had a bit of a paddle and a splash about though, you may be left yearning for something else to do, something else that will keep the kids entertained so you can soak up the rays in peace! That in mind, here’re no less than SIX inventive pool games to play.

Submarine Racing

We’ll start simple then, in Submarine Racing players must dive under the water and swim as fast as they can to the other side of the pool. When they need to take a breath, they’re out. First one to the other side without coming up for air is the winner!


Try to find an empty bottle with a cap the same colour as the swimming pool tiles. Fill it with water and have all the players turn around as it is hidden in the pool. On go, everybody dives in and the first to find and retrieve it wins!

Treasure Hunt

We’ve all got mountains of useless copper change lying about the place, so why not use it in a swimming pool treasure hunt. Throw the change to the bottom of the pool then go and find it. You could put a time limit in place and the one who comes back with the most after the timer runs out is the winner!

Ping Pong Points

Ping Pong balls are great as small floating devices, and better still, the standard white colour can be difficult to spot. Get a marker pen and write numbers for differing points for each ball, or initial them, and have each player hunt only for their own!

Dangerous Waters

The addition of sharks invariably makes any kid’s game twenty times better, so this is swimming pool tag with sharks. Players are allowed to jump out of the pool for five seconds at a time, before they head back into the ‘dangerous waters’ where the shark player tries to tag them! Add a plastic wearable fin for twice the fun/terror.

Chicken Fight

And finally, something for the adults. And for adults read big kids. Each player climbs on the back of another and together they must tussle and grapple to cause the other to fall into the pool. It’s all types of cartoonishly violent fun, which probably breaches several health and safety regulations, so keep the fight clean swimmers!

Enjoy the sun everyone! And if you don’t have a pool already, give us at Edge Leisure a call! Our swimming pool builders will pop straight over, and create a world of summer fun exactly as you imagined it!