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Sounds Like a Plan: Pre Pool Building Pro Tips - Edge Leisure

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Like anything in life, wildly charging in head first, like a herd of elephants in a china shop (that is how that one goes, isn’t it?) is only likely to leave you disappointed, and surrounded by broken china. Not to mention confused at how even one elephant could have gotten in here, never mind a herd. Still, the answer to this ill-fated, self-appropriated situation is, undoubtedly, planning. The great mediator. Plan carefully, my son, and everything will work out just great. The same can be said about swimming pools, and no matter which kind of pool you’re going for; be it for your sprawling commercial behemoth leisure building, or your luxurious back-garden refuge, knowing exactly what you want before going in is key. Here then is our guide to doing just that!

First of all; let’s ascertain what it’s going to be used for. Will this be a pool built for laps, exercise and even competition? If that’s the case, you’ll want to be thinking straight and narrow for the overall shape. Should your pool be more for recreational purposes, you’ll need to consider the likely larger shallow end, and have some fun with the shape as well.

Of course, many situations call for recreational use whilst still providing ample space for lap swimmers and those wishing to develop styles with which they may compete. This gives you a great opportunity for some creativity; for example, an L-shaped pool could be segregated, with the length perfect for laps, whilst the shorter, outward area would be ideal for shallow leisurely use.

Naturally length and depth are also important, especially when it comes to a competitive pool. 25 metres or yards is an ideal fit, whilst parallel edges will make sure professional turns may be executed safely. You’ll need the deep end to allow for diving, whilst considering the depth of the shallow end or a recreational proportion, taking into account how quickly children may grow out of it.

Consider slides, diving boards, and all the extra bits, and the required depth and positioning for them, and once you’ve decided on a shape that suits all your needs, and is markedly eye catching to boot, you’re just about done! The planning phase is, of course one of the most important parts of the process and plenty of time should be spent making sure you’ve got it right.

Our team of swimming pool builders however, are always on hand to help, and indeed, take the reins, providing advice on the best way to supply for all your needs! Don’t forget, from design logistics, to the building, we’re with you every step of the way!