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Swimming Stays Steadfast on National Curriculum - Edge Leisure

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Moving schools as a child, one of the biggest selling factors for any prospective mine of education was the presence of an in-house swimming pool. It sold Chester-Le-Street’s Bullion Lane Primary school in a matter of moments in fact, and did so equally for several others that were surveyed through the scrupulous eyes of a seven and eight year old brother and sister. Only the best would do, although the choice was, of course, mostly a delusional ruse perpetuated by said infant’s parents. Whilst swimming is something that enraptures kids, provides them with a subject that is not only fun, practical and different but that could also help them save lives, it came face to face with elimination from the National Curriculum recently.

Fortunately though, it survived the new draft when earlier this month it was confirmed that swimming would remain an integral part of Key Stage 2! The new document specifically highlights that pupils should be given lessons so as to teach them how to ‘swim competently, confidently and proficiently’, utilizing a range of standard strokes including front crawl and breaststroke, and importantly, that they learn to perform self-rescue actions.

The folks at the ASA, whose name regular readers and swim buffs will recognise, launched a campaign entitled ‘Save School Swimming, Save Lives’, and gathered the support of governments to display their appreciation for the importance of swimming lessons in the curriculum. With a third of all children leaving primary school unable to swim, the necessity for its place in the syllabus is palpable.

“Swimming is a vital skill for any child and is the only sport a child will learn in school that could save their life.” Said David Sparks, Chief Executive at the ASA, after commenting “We are delighted that the Government sees swimming as an important life skill“.

Whilst it’s undoubtedly good news all round, swimming pools are still disappearing up and down the country, and it’s up to us to ensure the centres, the complexes and the opportunities  are in place and kept there, so our children have somewhere to learn to swim! Here at Edge Leisure our expert swimming pool builders have built pools for all kinds of circumstances, from schools to centres, from facilities to family homes – if you’re looking to append a swimming pool to your building, or add one in to a new build, why not give us a call today!