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Top tips for designing the dream pool - Edge Leisure

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Beautiful garden pool

All of us are unique in many ways and the design of the swimming pool is one of the areas that depict this uniqueness perfectly. In general terms, a pool is meant to serve its purpose well, have great aesthetics and must be safe. Your pool design reflects your tastes and preferences. To achieve the goal of coming up with your dream pool, there are certain tips that you ought to have at your disposal. Here, we give you the top tips to help you in this process.

1. Get a reputable designer
This is the very first step of ensuring that you come up with a great pool. You don’t want to just pick any random designer for your new pool, you want someone with lots of experience and who will do a fantastic job. That’s why here at Edge Leisure we pride ourselves on completing our work efficiently & professionally, we will make sure that you are happy with your new pool.
Garden pool
2. Decide how the pool will be used and by whom
A good pool designer will typically ask for the specifications of how and who will be frequently using the pool. The location, for instance (whether outdoors, indoors, upstairs, downstairs or on the roof) must be shared by the designer. The specific purpose and who should be able to use the pool is also an important factor to tell the contractor. Specify whether it will be a social pool or an exercise pool. What age bracket should be taken into account during the design of the pool? What level of flexibility is necessary? The answers to these questions make it possible for the designer to meet your pool needs.

3. Look at the previous work done by the designer
This is an essential part of the research process. This will help you understand what can be included in the design and what cannot be achieved. The care you need to take at this stage is to ensure that you not only see what’s on the company’s website or brochures. It would be better if you physically get to see some practical pools. This way, you’ll be able to pick the best of the designs and let them know, this will give the designer a better picture of what you expect from them.
Natural garden pool
4. Keep the conversation going
You need to be in constant communication with the designer throughout the process. This is important as it ensures the process runs smoothly and issues that may crop up are dealt with in due time. Both the parties will find the experience fulfilling and the end result is your perfect dream pool.

5. Ensure you are honest
Make sure you speak your mind on your pool elements. This will help the designer to be specifically guided by what you indicated and save you from costly changes later on. This means that if you feel that an aspect of the pool has not impressed you, the designer can make a change as needed. This, however, doesn’t mean that everything you need is viable. If the designer advises against it, it is for a good reason.

Your ultimate pool design is solely your individual decisions. The designer is just there to implement your specifications and come up with a pool that’s safe and useable. Therefore, use these top tips to help you come up with the best pool design.