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Top tips on how swimming can keep you healthy - Edge Leisure

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Have you seen people with outdoor swimming pools and wondered what the big deal is? There are people out there who have maintained their swimming routines no matter how fixed their daily programs may be. Most of us see swimming as just one of the activities or sports some people engage in or love. Yet we have never taken our time to ask why such swimmers have nice bodies and look healthier than we may. Well, I would like to give you a few tips on how swimming can keep your health at a top notch.

1. Overall well being of the body

Many people are not aware that having fun and making friends is a healthy way to live. Fun and friends shift your focus from negative thoughts that may cause depression and other mental illnesses. Swimming in an outdoor swimming pool with friends and family is a creative activity since we engage in other refreshing tasks. “Laughter is the best medicine” they say. So, it will be of great health benefit for you to get out there and take the pool head-on. When you go for a swim, you meet different people and may end up meeting the woman or man of your dreams and develop a healthy relationship thereafter.

2. Source of full body exercise.

Swimming in gentle backstroke or butterfly engages all your body muscles. This, unlike most other exercises that are done on land, ensures a full body workout. Since you are working against water, it will be harder to swim compared to other exercises. Normally, a 30- minute swim is comparable to more than 45 minutes of exercises such as running.

3. Helps in weight loss

In just 30 minutes, a gentle swim can help in burning more than 200 calories. This is more than double the amount of calories burnt when walking. The faster you swim the more the calories you burn. This, alongside other weight loss mechanisms, will ensure you achieve better results than cycling or running.

4. Lowering the risk of diseases

Swimming for just half an hour in a week raises your guard against lifestyle diseases such as stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. This is because it is a very effective form of cardiovascular exercise.

5. Supporting the body

If you are a sportsperson, injuries to the legs or feet are unavoidable. This can ground you for a long period before you get back to normal activities. However, swimming can keep you active as water can support 90% of your body weight. This will help keep the rest of your body active as you recover from the injury.

6. Pumps up energy levels

Lack of activity in one’s life and age are the top factors that make people have low energy levels. To boost your metabolic rate, dedicate half an hour for three days in a week to swimming and your body’s level of energy will be substantially higher. You will, in turn, feel stronger all year round.

7. Makes you more flexible

If you want to relax your muscles, heat the pool water. This will better your flexibility levels and enable you to stretch better and more easily. When you swim after intense endurance exercises, toxins from your body will be flushed out thereby preventing muscle soreness and tightness.

8. Better sleep

Health experts have since time immemorial said that a good night’s sleep can work wonders for the overall health of an individual. Since swimming is a vigorous exercise, it makes the muscles of the whole body active. This ensures that when you go to bed you have a better quality and quantity sleep.

So, swimming is an activity all of us need to undertake to ensure that we look, feel and perform better in our lives. The reasons above have been proven scientifically to be true and we can see swimmers around us and concur that it’s actually true that swimming has health benefits. When one is starting to engage in the activity of swimming, it would be nice to hit an outdoor swimming pool. There are plenty of other activities and people you will meet there.