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Which type of Pool Liner would suit you best? - Edge Leisure

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When you are having your swimming pool built from the ground up, installation of the walls is the second step in the process of constructing vinyl liner pools. This tells you that unless you have done the walls, you can’t move any further with the process.

Here at Edge Leisure, we provide Pool liners to line your pools if you already have a pool built but if you are starting from scratch then you will need to think about what type of pool you would prefer.

For this reason, it is important to decide which option between metal and polymer is best suited for you. You’ll need to have a deep understanding of these two liners. It is therefore important that you take into account the advantages and the disadvantages associated with each. After you are sufficiently informed, you can go ahead and make a choice. Here we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each type of the pool liner types.

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Metal liners
These are often made of galvanized steel or aluminium.

• Resistance to corrosion
Since the metal used is galvanized steel, this type of liner is capable of resisting corrosion for an extended period of time.

• Customization
These types of vinyl liners have the capacity to be customized to meet your preferences. The steps and benches can be made to suit you.

• Strength
In comparison to the polymer vinyl liners, this type is much stronger and longer lasting.

• Metal liners are adjustable
During the installation process, the metal vinyl pool liners can easily be adjusted. Hence, it is possible to make the pool walls levelled and straight.

• Large thermal range
The metal pool liner is not affected by extreme weather conditions. Whether the conditions become too hot or too cold, they won’t be affected much. Even if the soil type is shifting, they are not affected much.

• Variety of options
With these liners, you have various lengths of panel and radius to pick from giving you many varied design options.

• Difficult to handle due to their weight
Metal is a heavy material. Therefore, to handle them, you’ll require more support than you would in the case of polymer liners.

• Slight corrosion after some time
Though designed to resist corrosion, they may be slightly corroded on the surface after several years of use.
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Polymer vinyl liners
These pool liners are made from resin materials.

• No corrosion
The material (resin) from which polymer vinyl liners are made do not undergo corrosion due to its nature. Hence, they are completely non-corrosive.

• Lightweight and easy to handle
These linings are very light in weight and hence can be assembled as fast as possible. Many people prefer them because of their weight and are less Labour-intensive.

• You can get nearly any design you want as this material can be formed into any shape.


• Cost
This type is more costly than their metal counterparts in the long run due to the fact they may not last the full life of the pool but initially will save you some money.

Now that you are informed of the strong points and drawbacks of each of the two types of vinyl linings for pools, you can make an informed choice. Do this knowing that the pool liner serves very important purposes in the pool. They highly improve the aesthetics of your pool & helps with the longevity of your pool. Give us a call today to speak to the experts.