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Video: 16 Month Old Baby Officially a Better Swimmer Than We Are - Edge Leisure

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The internet is a fickle place, full of wonders that have the shelf life of the blink of an eye, as its users rabidly move from one spectacle to the next, sending content that would otherwise struggle to get a place on You’ve Been Framed into the digital limelight on a global scale. It’s not often we have time to look twice at the majority of amazing images and videos that are circulated around, but we could barely believe our eyes when we saw this viral video this morning.

Yes below you’ll find a video of an amazing 16-month old baby swimming with a natural ability that will surely see her one day become either a superstar Olympic swimmer, or she will fully evolve into a salmon. Either way it’s an impressive thought, but not quite as impressive as watching her carve through the water like an experienced child several times her age.

And swimming about like a fish isn’t the only feat she manages. Half way through the video she manages to cross the length of the pool on a single breath! This all between swimming on her front, back, kicking off from the side and climbing out like a natural.

Have a look below, what do you think? Amazing natural talent? Clever video trickery? Someone’s done a mighty fine job of it if it’s the latter of those.

And of course, we couldn’t let you go without mentioning our swimming pool builders who’re ready to create the perfect pool in your garden for your very own child prodigy! Or so you can practise to try to be as good as she! Give us at Edge Leisure a call to find out more about our services, or simply to make indecipherable sounds of exclamation after watching that video!