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*** Last Updated – 28/01/2017 ***

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know all about Infinity Pools by now. In fact, if you’ve not read our recent post about the greatest Infinity Edge pools the world has to offer, go and do it now. Go on. It’s fine, we can wait. Done? Good. Now, it will undoubtedly come as no surprise to you to learn that the deftly, creative hands of the swimming pool builders here at Edge Leisure are capable of far more than simply your bog-standard swimming pool, and the luxurious looking Infinity alternatives. Oh yes, our talented and dexterous (and not forgetting modest) team can build you almost anything you can dream (within reason) and one of the pools you may opt for is the deck-level pool! Lower that eyebrow dear reader, your probable inquisition is about to be thoroughly resolved!

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*** Last Updated – 27/12/2016 ***

Winter is fully upon us now, the weather is not nice, all you want to do is t get out the country to a warmer more beautiful place. To give everyone that escape during these wet and cold months we have gone right ahead and stuck together a few shots of our favourite Infinity pools, because why not eh. You’ll find each below, tethered to a brief explanation, and remember, Edge Leisure are primed and ready to bring you beautiful pools just like these in time for the summer! A real summer, with sun and everything! Enjoy! Continue reading →

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Winter is coming…. the rain, the cold weather… maybe even the snow! This fills all of us with the idea of fighting against the cold for the next few months, and that simply won’t do now will it. As such, if you’re looking to start 2018 by building a new swimming pool, or perhaps sprucing up your existing pool; have you considered adding the lavish facilities of a spa? The perfect winter remedy.

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*** Last Updated – 25/10/2016 ***

We’re no strangers to the abstract concept of logistics here at Edge Leisure. Indeed, it often seems we spend half our lives buried in nonsensical paperwork trying to make head or tail of what we’re supposed to write in the little yellow box, and where we’re supposed to tick and if this part of the form is actually for us or not. What a nightmare. Of course, fortunately, we spend the other half of our time building some of the most lavish, beautiful and incomparably functional swimming pools about, so it’s not all bad news. Furthermore, whilst getting a swimming pool in your home is virtually hassle free, there is just one little snippet you might be concerned about, and as such we’re here to help on that very matter! Here’s what to do about planning permission for your pool!
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*** Last Updated – 29/09/2016 ***

If you’ve already jumped the gun and have eagerly got the ball rolling on creating a fully formed and functional, lavish and luxurious swimming pool facility, be that for recreation, for Olympic standard sport, or a combination of the two; it’s always important to remember you check off all the boxes. The more complete and comprehensive you can design your building to be, the more unswaying patrons you’ll attract, some of whom may never want to leave, despite health and safety regulations suggesting they absolutely should. But how do you ensure you’ve made all the right alterations, added in all the right bits? Edge Leisure can give you a hand there.

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*** Last Updated – 30/08/2016 ***

If you find yourself looking around your home or back garden and wondering how you can make it that little bit more special, then the installation of a swimming pool will be top of the list of things that can truly fit the bill. Heightening home value and giving you something completely unique, the choice now is whether to go with an above-ground swimming pool or to really go all out and look towards in-ground swimming pools. Already the latter is sounding more appealing, and here at Edge Leisure we are here to tell you exactly why they are the quintessential choice for any home owner looking to expand and enhance.

The Number 1 Choice

When you think of a swimming pool, whether it is at a leisure centre or the one you are currently picturing in your mind right now, you will be thinking of an in-ground swimming pool because since the beginning of time, this is how swimming pools were meant to be – and here at Edge Leisure we take this timeless and ultimately luxurious feature and make it even better with quality workmanship, creativity in-design and a long lasting result that can be enjoyed day-in, day-out and throughout each season. But what makes them so convenient and beneficial to your home?

-    No Restrictions: With above ground swimming pools, you are in many ways restricted by size and shape, however an in-ground swimming pool and expert design team allows you to be as inventive and ambitious as you wish – creating a pool that is unique to the dimensions of your garden.
-    Little Maintenance: Once your pool is installed and completed, the only real maintenance you will have to do is with the cleansing of the water.
-    Breath-Taking Aesthetics: Above-ground swimming pools can tend to stick out for the wrong reasons, while an in-ground swimming pool looks seamless and will enhance the landscape, adding value and a breath-taking aspect to your garden.
-    So much fun: Just get in and swim – it’s as simple as that with a proper, in-ground swimming pool, and it couldn’t be more fun!

Starting to get excited at the mere thought of it? Get in touch right now!


*** Last Updated – 27/07/2016 ***

As we are in the midst of the Olympics and sit in anticipation watching our British swimmers desperately trying to take home a medal, it may spark an interest in your mind of getting fit and trimming up! Swimming is a great sport, not only will it help you burn the pounds, but on a hot summers day it’ll bring your body temperature down and keep you cool. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, then why not think about having a pool in your home, the swimming pool builders here at Edge Leisure are waiting to take your call. Once synonymous with the rich and famous swimming pools are being highly popular with homeowners across the country and further afield.

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Edge Leisure are proud to announce that Dormy House Hotel has won yet another award, we congratulate the team at Dormy house for winning the prestigious award of “AA Hotel of year 2014/2015″.

This award is the highest award possible for a hotel by the AA and is testament to the whole team who not only worked on the project (Edge Leisure included!) but the staff and spa team that make it what it is.

Congratulations to the team at Dormy, you all deserve this.

Click here to view the outstanding Dormy House project.

Dormy House Hotel Front


Here at Edge Leisure we have recently completed an extensive project to create a brand new relaxing and luxurious house spa at the Dormy House Hotel, located in the heart of the Cotswolds; working with some of the most distinguished and recognised designers and consultants in the UK, this spa is now one of the most sought after places in the country to unwind. Continue reading →