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Design and Build Lap Pool

Start Date: April 2016 | Completion Date: September 2016

Edge Leisure recently undertook an exciting design and build project in Oxfordshire. The private client had already decided on a lap pool design. This swimming pool has many specific design features to suit the client’s needs. For example, as the clients liked swimming lengths after dark normal lane dividers wouldn’t have been seen.

As part of the design brief we incorporated  linear LED strips as illuminated lane markings allowing the client to use the pool at night and still be able to do laps.

Additional bespoke features included a master control panel, used to control underwater lighting, back-washing, heating and showing a system status of the pool. A fully automated chemical control system to ensure the levels of chlorine and pH are automatically checked and dosed to keep them between a constant level. To aid in the sanitising process a UV system was also installed to work alongside the dosing unit.

The system was designed to give the client a low maintenance pool allowing them to spend more time to enjoy it.

The inclusion of a vinyl safety cover ensures the pool remains clean, retains it’s heat and provides a safety aspect for the client.



  • 20m x 4m x 1.5m depth
  • LED strips for illuminated lane markings
  • Fully automated chemical dosing system
  • UV system
  • Air source heat pump
  • Vinyl safety cover
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